When in doubt, slide

Where we started

Young Guns Baseball was co-founded in 2014 by current coach and operations manager, Gary Fling. He decided to form the team after discovering his son Logan’s love for baseball and realizing that there was more competition beyond recreational baseball. He envisioned a team of nine really talented kids playing competitive baseball all year-round and went to work to make it happen.

Young Guns began with one 8U team in 2014, grew to include a 7U and 9U team in 2018 and currently encompasses 8U, 10U and 12U teams for 2019. In 2018, the 11U team got to experience a once in a lifetime trip to Myrtle Beach, SC where they played in the week-long Cal Ripken Experience. The team played the most competitive baseball they had ever experienced, while enjoying the sites of Myrtle Beach. The boys and coaches even got to meet Cal Ripken, Jr., who is rarely able to make it to these tournaments.

Even though the players all attend different schools in the Mid-Ohio Valley, the bonds they have created over the years and years to come will last a lifetime. The boys and families have grown to love each other over the years and that is all because of Young Guns Baseball and the experiences we have shared together.


“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”

Meet the Coaches

Our Coaching Philosophy

The qualities that will make our program successful are:

Positive- we will be as positive as possible. We will never degrade a child for physical ability. There are times that we will be stern and more demanding of the players (lack of effort, focus, safety, sportsmanship, respect, and responsibility).  

Encouragement- we will encourage players to play the game the right way (as outlined in player contract). We will encourage our players to be positive and encouraging with teammates, as well.

Stern- we will demand a lot from our players at practice and games. We will discipline our players with running and other physical exercises to deter lack of focus and repetitive mistakes.

Non-bias- yes, our kids play on the team. If they didn’t, we probably wouldn’t be coaching this team. With that being said, our kids will be treated the same as every other player, and every other player will be treated the same as our kids. This is a FAMILY! We will make lineups based on what we believe gives our team the best chance to succeed.

Productive- our practices will be efficient, productive, and demanding. Everything we do at practice will have a purpose in developing a skill for baseball games. There will be little down time and players will be doing something during the entire practice. We will get as many repetitions as possible in the time allotted.

Fundamentals- we will all teach the same fundamentals (hitting, fielding, and pitching), as to not confuse the players with different theories. With that being said, there are times we may be able to fix a mechanical issue with something slightly different. Every player is DIFFERENT, so something that works for one player, may not work for another.

Development- we will not always win and we will not cherry pick tournaments. We will stay consistent in our fundamentals and playing the best competition that we can find, within reason. We did not pick players by position and load up to just win tournaments. This is for the long haul, we picked players that we feel are teachable, have team first mentalities, and potential. TRUST THE PROCESS!

Team- we will always demonstrate a “Team before Me” attitude. This will not be about any one individual player, it will be about every player together. It’s amazing what teams can accomplish when everyone on the team supports and pushes each other to become better.

Although we will falter at times, our Coaches want to be as consistent as possible with these beliefs. Take into account, every situation is different and will be handled differently.

As coaches, we cannot control wins and losses, but we can control these qualities and over time and repetition of these qualities, we believe that winning will take care of itself.

Coaching Philosophy

"We coach our players up." We are not big on change nor do we try to fit players into our baseball style. All of our coaches are “teachers” of the game. We adjust our teaching methods to each individual players techniques. We fine tune every players’ mechanics, but it is our goal to work them out in practice so our players, in game situations, just play baseball. It is our belief as coaches, that when a baseball player takes the field, he should not think… he should react. This is why we work so hard and take advantage of every practice. Championships are won on the practice field. Thinking and skill work should be done in practice, not in games.

Practice Philosophy

We win or lose during practice. When our players show up, they are expected to act like professionals. Game like tempo is stressed in every drill, situation or scrimmage. We routinely break down practices into three manageable parts: individual work, group work and finish with team work scrimmages or situations. Our coaching staff uses the whole, dry, part, whole method of teaching (teach the whole skill, allow players dry opportunities for success, break it down into part, and finish will the whole skill operated at game speed).

Team Philosophy

We must be able to play team baseball in order to succeed as a unit. Players must be willing to work together, play together and be together away from the baseball field. A confident, skilled team working together like a FAMILY is our goal. Players will praise one another for accomplishments and will not mope. If the players can learn how to be happy for one another, rather than displaying jealousy we will have longevity as a winning team (with the same players).

Offensive Philosophy

Be aggressive. Lead off hitters must get on. We would rather steal a base or hit and run rather than give up an out with a bunt. Now, game situations differ. For instance, if we are facing a great pitcher, we may give up an out early with the short game. If it is late and we are down a run or two, we will use the short game. We want our guys to swing the bats. Be aggressive and know the situation.

Defensive Philosophy

Make the routine play and the game will take care of itself. Always anticipate before a play happens, visualize before every pitch “if it’s hit to me, what am I doing with it?”…we want outs. To be good on defense, you must concentrate, hustle, and know what to do in every possible scenario. Championships are won with solid team defense.

Pitching Philosophy

The pitcher and catcher control the game. We want our pitchers to be aggressive. Get ahead early (first pitch strikes are the key) and throw 2 strikes in the first 3 pitches to MOST batters. Accuracy is more important than velocity in our program. A pitcher must change speeds and hit their spots in order to succeed. Our pitchers must master their 2-seam, 4-seam fastball, change-up and cutter/sinker. We will talk about breaking pitches when the time comes.

Our Teams

New team photos coming soon!